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How to Wear Men’s Burberry Scarf

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burberry scarf have been a fashion accessory for women for a long period of time. Although it tends to be more popular in the colder months, scarves have evolved and become a fashion accessory that is worn all year round. Scarves are not limited to a certain style or colour, but can been worn as a print or pattern in cashmere or silk.

Scarves as fashion accessories have become more acceptable for men. While it often only related to women, particularly the more delicate silk scarves, men are wearing silk scarves on the international runways. And while this may be too hard for some to believe, it is a reoccurring trend that is here to make its mark.

The Popularity of Men’s Scarves

Pure Silk Scarf often have the associations of luxury, wealth and royalty. This could be because of the delicate fabric that often appears more expensive when compared to cotton or the like, but it could also be because of its shinny appearance.

Men wear silk scarves more frequently on the runways of Europe, as it has become a tool to accessorize and add spunk to an outfit. And men’s scarves are similar to women’s, as they also come in different shapes, sizes, prints and patterns. The scarves’ versatility allows men to personalize their look.

How to Wrap a burberry scarves for Men

There are several ways to wrap a Silk Scarves, as it depends on the size and length of it. If the silk scarf is square, there is an easy procedure one can follow to fold and wrap it. Hold the scarf with each hand, but at opposite corners. The square should fall down, resulting in a triangle shape.

Wrap the triangle around the neck, so the pointy end of the triangle hangs down on the body. If the scarf is worn with a casual look, the scarf can be tied in a knot in the back, behind the neck. This will leave the scarf hanging loosely down the body.

If the look is more formal, wrap the scarf around the neck, so the ends are in front of the throat. Tie a small knot here, so the body of the scarf hides it. This results in a tighter, more compact look, which is sophisticated and clean

If the scarf is elongated rather than square, one can simply wrap it around the neck as one pleases. If the look desired is casual, leave the wrapping loose as it will look more relaxed. For a formal look, tie it a bit tighter, but not to the point where it becomes uncomfortable. If worn with a button-up shirt and a blazer, it is possible to simply tuck the small silk scarf into the shirt for a clean, sophisticated and formal look.

While men’s burberry silk scarf may not be the fashion accessory that most men will fight over, there is potential for it to grow in popularity. This is due to the flexibility and ability to personalize the look using the scarf. Although it is currently only dominating the runways of the world, it may become a popular trend in no time.

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